Asbestos Management

Environmental Consultancy Services can provide on-going management of any ACMs which your have in your property. With Regulation 4 of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR 2012) stipulating a duty to “manage” asbestos, there is a misconception that aftera survey is carried out all the requirements are being met. 


This is not the case. Quite the opposite in fact.


Its from this point the work begins. The survey report forms the basis from which your management plan should be based. ACMs are either manageable through annual, quarterly or 6 monthly reinspection. We can form a basis for your asbestos management with use of the HSG 264 Material Asssessment algorithm and the HSG227 Priority Risk Assessment Algorithm. 

Again for someone with no or very little asbestos experience this can be a problem.We  is here to bridge that gap and to also provide any training on management thereafter. We can also be involved in the ongoing maintenance of your management with annual reinspections of ACMs to avoid any deteriorations and potential exposure problems.

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